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Wine Reviews

  Production Level Vineyard Origin Vine Age Cropping*
Enjoy Drinking
Cellaring Potential
(max years)
Descriptors: "Most of our red
wines are soft & balanced, with good
natural acidity, long flavour & "terroir"**
Reserve pinot noir very limited Estate 31 1 3>>25 15 to 25 Subtle - Powerful finish - v. complex
Premium pinot noir small Estate 31 1 3>>20 10 to 20 Layered - multi-flavoured - Long
Estate pinot noir good quantity Estate & 'Leongatha' '22' 1.2 2>>15 8 to 15 Rich fruits - Fat mid-palate
Crown Prince pinot noir major product 'Leongatha' 14 1.25 2>>12 6 to 12 Sweet fruits - Soft, easy drink - Perfumed
Premium chardonnay very limited Estate 31 1 2>>15 8 to 15 Intense - Powerful citrus - Firm acid
Estate chardonnay small  'Leongatha' 14 2 2>>12 8 to 12 Perfumed - Balanced - natural acid
Gamay small Estate & 'Leongatha' '17' 2 2>>8 6 to 8 Dark fruits - mouthfilling - Easy, balanced
Pinot Rose good quantity  'Leongatha' 14 2.5 - - Rich - complex - earthy, but fresh


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"Make no mistake about it ... this a brilliant Pinot Noir, undoubtedly one of the finest being produced in Australia.  Cote de Nuits-like characteristics are evident in the gorgeously sweet, plum, berry, and cherry fruit flavors infused with cinnamon and allspice. .... full-bodied, beautifully concentrated, with superb purity, creamy, big, thick, Burgundian-like texture (that has not been foolishly acidified), and a long, concentrated finish.    Extremely complex, and more forward and evolved than most Burgundies are at a similar age, this is beautifully made wine. .... a brilliant effort." ROBERT M. PARKER JR, The Wine Advocate

 “Imagine you were asked to select a Dream Team of Australian wines - a dozen bottles of modern classics to show some international wine-lovers the best that this country can produce. Which wines would you choose? I’d rather field a collection of single-region, single-vineyard wines that taste more of where they’re from than how they’ve been made.The only pinot noir in the list was Bass Phillip Premium." - MAX ALLEN, The Weekend Australian Magazine, June 27-28, 2009 Click here to read more from Max Allen.

"It is (Bass Phillip Reserve 2010) the greatest Australasian pinot ever made, here is a wine of astonishing purity and elegant harmony….Over the years, (winemaker) Phillip Jones has toyed with true greatness. He has achieved it to an awesome degree.” – James Halliday,

“Bass Phillip wines are very complex, delicious wines with mounting degrees of power and profundity.” – Huon Hooke 

 “It is a madly rare, profoundly intense and exquisitely balanced wine which reflects the nuances of an exceptional vineyard site.” - Langton’s Andrew Caillard MW.

“When Bass Phillips hits the highs, it truly pushes the boundaries of Australian Pinot Noir greatness.” – Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

“Putting it simply, Bass Phillip has made some of best pinot noir I’ve drunk in my whole life, from anywhere of any age.” – Robert Geddes MW, Wines That Make Me Thirsty. 





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