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NEW RELEASES:  the 2012 Vintage!     These are amongst the best we've ever made!! The news about 2012 pinots from Southern Victoria is all good:  our wines are no exception.   Several of these wines are now available on the "How to order online" page.  


The stand-out wines of 2011, still available, are:


2011 PREMIUM PINOT NOIR ... This wine continues to impress as time goes on: Full of minerals with earthy, mushroom notes,  it has trawberries and light plums tightly packed within the subtle but firm acidity and the characteristic, astringent “dryness” of this vintage.  Probably at its best at four to eight years. 


2011 ESTATE PINOT NOIR  ......   extremely long-flavoured: full of tangy minerals.


2011 ESTATE CHARDONNAY   ......   SO EASY  to drink!




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Bass Phillip Wines was established 1979 in the south-eastern corner of Australia,  specialising in high quality pinot noir and chardonnay wines.    Named after George Bass and Arthur Phillip, great explorers of the region: ... as in Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne), Phillip Island, Bass Strait, the Bass River & the Bass Highway (close to Bass Phillip).

 Organic practices since 1993 and biodynamic since 2002. The wine process at Bass Phillip is driven by a passion for quality experiences, and attention to detail in the growth and production of great wines.

Bass Phillip .. Australia's best Pinot Noirs

Recognised for more than fifteen years as Australia’s best, Bass Phillip pinot noirs have complex, length of flavour, delicacy with power, and cellaring potential for more than ten years.  Made in a simple and traditional manner,  with low-cropped vineyards, no irrigation and minimal intervention in the winery,  the wines of Bass Phillip display flavours which are characteristic of the region and their individual vineyards.

Established in 1979 by Phillip Jones,  the Bass Phillip Estate vineyard at Leongatha South became the first commercial vineyard in the region of South Gippsland,  150 km south-east of Melbourne.  The region is famous for its fertility, moderately high rainfall, and high quality dairy farming.

Deep, mineral-rich soils and high humidity, plus cooler temperatures, are the important factors which deliver complex and intense flavour, firm natural acidity, and minerality in pinot noir and chardonnay wines.  Ever since the first vintage 1984, these qualities have been apparent.

Bass Phillip wines are distinctly different: nice to drink young, but improve well after several years in the cellar.  The most recent vintages of Bass Phillip pinot noir are the best we have produced.  We put this down to older vines, more experience in winemaking, and continued sustainable practices in both the vineyards and winery.



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