New Releases:    2015

 Phillip Jones:   "what's distinctive about it?   .... 

-  purity of fruit:  great varietal character!

- clear expression of the vineyards:  very obvious when you taste the line-up!

-  better tannin & firmer mineral finish than we've seen from each of the five pinot noirs!"


Some of the expert reviewers have started to taste these wines:  in particular Huon Hooke has just released his 100-point scores:

Reserve pinot noir 2015:  98;   Premium pinot noir 2015:  97;  

Issan pinot noir 2015:  94;   Estate pinot noir 2015:  93.


Huon is a conservative reviewer:  these are amongst the highest scores he has awarded to Bass Phillip!

Additional release,  from 2016:  Pinot Rose´:  exceptional flavour & complexity  for a Rose´ ..........   recently awarded 94 points by The Wine Front!    

                                                  Outstanding value at approximately $20.00 per bottle!

 Most of the 2015s are now available from the Club Member store          ........   check these out at "Order Online"!


NOTE:  Reserve pinot noir 2015   has not yet been placed in the Club Member store:  it will be released in the third week of June,  when we have finished our major bottling of the 2016s.

There will be enough Reserve for club members,  so please don't panic when you see this wine mentioned on other websites:  you won't miss out!



  news-gamay.jpg     news-estate-pinot.jpg    news-rose.jpg



Some additional reviews:        The Wine Front (Campbell Mattinson; Mike Bennie; Gary Walsh):

Reserve pinot noir  96+

Premium pinot noir  96

Estate pinot noir  94+

Issan pinot noir  93

Crown Prince pinot noir  93

Gamay  95

Old Cellar pinot noir  91


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