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Bass Phillip 2014 Vintage Dinner SYDNEY: 


      Tuesday  November 22nd:  Azuma Restaurant,  6.00pm.

         .............includes the best from 2014,  and selected wines from 2013 & 2012.

 Bookings at <azuma@azuma.com.au> or (02) 9222 9960.  $250 per guest.




Bass Phillip Magnums Dinner Melbourne:  

                                                 Wednesday Nov 16th,  7.00pm

                             SCOPRI RESTAURANT,  191 Nicholson Street, Carlton


A great event featuring ten magnums of Bass Phillip Reserve & Premium pinots:  Reserves from 2000, 2008, 2009, 2010;

Premium pinots from 1987, 1995, 2007, 2008.




Latest Bass Phillip Reviews by Huon Hooke 

“The top Bass Phillip pinots, the Reserve and Premium bottlings, have clearly been the outstanding wines, especially the Reserve, which set new standards for prices as well as its minimalist label. A vertical tasting I attended in December largely confirmed the observation about older vintages.

The 2014, 2012 and 2010 Premiums were simply exquisite. The Estates from 2014 to 2010 were excellent.

The 2009s (Premium & The Estate) were very good without lifting the ceiling.”



What is the appropriate alcohol level for great pinot noir? 13.5%? A maximum of 14? I suspect most opinions would be considerably less than 15. And yet the latest crop of Bass Phillip pinots – from the 2013 vintage – are Crown Prince 15.1%, Estate 15.3 %,  Premium 14.9 %, Issan 15.2 % and Reserve 15.2%.

Ridiculous, I hear some pinot traditionalists snort. And yet, the wines are terrific. At least, they taste terrific today. What they’ll be like in a few years is another question, and it’s a question nobody can answer. We’ll have to wait and see. Better still, don’t wait, just drink and enjoy them in their youth!

Bass Phillip new releases are eagerly awaited every year, and my verdict is that the ‘13s are very much on song. And there’s a lovely gewürztraminer, adding extra spice to the portfolio.”




Latest Bass Phillip Rating by Huon Hooke

Despite all the accolades and high ratings Bass Phillip wines have been receiving over the years, we still feel very flattered when Huon Hooke gives us the gold/silver ribbons. Known as a very discriminating taster Huon Hooke doesn't give high scores easily, as he said, “any wine that achieves a gold or silver ribbon is a wine that thoroughly deserves its rating: a wine I really enjoyed..... My highest ranking accolade - a GOLD RIBBON, only awards to the top 5% of wines I taste……Silver Ribbons have also been recognized for their outstanding quality”, and here it is -  the highlight of some of the ribbons we received. 

Gold Ribbon: (95+ points)

2014 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir (96 points)

2010 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir (98 points)

2012 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir (96 points)

Silver Ribbon: (90-94 points)

2013 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir (93 points)

2011 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir (94 points)

2014 Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir (93 points)

2011 Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir (92 points)

The other reason we respect Huon Hooke’s ratings is because they are dynamic and up-to-date. The ratings are changed regularly each time the wine is tasted after a period of aging in the bottle. For a wine like Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir that particularly rewards cellaring, the rating grows significantly each time it gets tasted.

Tempting and attractive as it is when young, Bass Phillip Premiums seem to morph and unfurl with time in the bottle, its elegance and complexity grows tremendously with age, same as its points !

2010 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir:

Score:98-  7/12/2015     Score:95 -  18/02/2013      Score:93 -  14/11/2012

2012 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir:

Score:96-  7/12/2015     Score:93-  21/06/2014

2014 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir:

Score:96   -  10/02/2016


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